Comic Art | SkinS Festival 2019: Fall Edition | Build your Character
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Comic Art

Music is a form of art can be consumed on its own and in combination with other medium such as film or games. The soundtrack sets the mood for the scene as audience as audience cognitively recognize and anticipate what is going to happen next based on the perfect composition of the right song.

Graphic Novel is now recognize as a powerful form of media with the success of numerous adaptation of “comic book movies”.

Yet it might even be mind boggling to believe that music can be illustrated in graphic novel and we are not talking about print some lyrics from a random song inside the graphic novel. Talented scriptwriters and illustrator worked together to tell a story about how music heals Magda and allows for her to explore what character in life she wants to be, since “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”

At SkinS Festival, we see Magda begin her heroes’ journey as she gets inspired by the Kpop / Hip Hop music performed by Giant Pink, Kevin Woo & Jannine Weigel to pursue a career in the music industry

Build Your Character

SkinS Festival 2019: Fall Edition | Singapore