About | SkinS Festival 2019: Fall Edition | Singapore
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About SkinS Festival


SkinS Festival is a unique Festival that integrate Sports, Music and Arts. SkinS Festival is about the freedom to choose the character you want to be

Seen through the eyes of Magda, a former architect back from an overseas stint. Used to her independence whilst overseas, she had difficulty adjusting to her routines back at home and her only respite was her skincare routine and her gym session that she looked forward to every day. This was until she met a mysterious hooded man who broke her skincare product that she heavily depended upon to protect her skin. Stressed about the loss of her precious product because it was not replaceable, she grew despondent. Whilst she fell deeper into a depressive state over the loss of her skincare product, the hooded man received an essence of lavender from a fox spirit and was instructed to give it to her.

It is at SkinS Festival: Fall Edition, Magda’s desire to become a Kpop Artist will be awakened.